Inventory as at May 2022

You’ll need to get a ticket to be able to sue some of these things

 General useTicketed use
General toolsHand tools – spanners etc. 
 Drills & power tools 
 Sanders & Grinders 
 Taps & dies 
DrillingStartrite Mecury Pillar Drill 
 Denbigh Pillar drill 
Metal FormingEdwards Swager/roller 
 Gabro 610 Folder 
Metal CuttingFemi BandsawLincoln Plasma Cutter
 Sealey Metal band saw 
 Kennedy Hacksaw 
Welding Oxy-Acetylene Heating/cutting/welding
  Inverter Fusion 160HF Tig Welder (AC)
Machining Harrison 11” centre lathe
  Ward No2 Capstan Lathe
  Alexander vertical/horizontal mill
  Die Grinders
PolishingHand linishers and grindersBerni 1hp polishing lathe
WoodworkAxminster Bandsaw 
 6” disc sander 
 DA & belt sanders 
 Hand tools 
Digital Mendel 90 3d printer
  Ultimaker 2+ 3d printer
  David scanner
  Matter & Form Scanner
  Kinect 360 sensor & Kscan3d software
  Kinect V2 for windows sensor
Fabric/Leatherwork Adler industrial Sewing machine
  Cricut Maker 3
MiscCompressorCCL Talurit rigging press & dies
 12 tonne bench pressLifting gear – gantry & jacks