If you have something which needs repairing what can you do?

You could take it to a Repair Cafe

If the item is suitable (portable, fixable in a short space of time) and you are interested in being involved in the process then these are great gatherings, with which most of us are proud to be involved.

Current repair cafes are

Woodbridge Transition Woodbridge operate a Repair Cafe in St John’s Church, Woodbridge on the 1st Monday of each month, 10 am to 12 noon

Martlesham – Martlesham Climate Action run a Repair Hub at St Michael’s Church Martlesham Heath on the 2nd Saturday each month, 10 am to 12 noon

Holbrook – the Holbrook Repair Cafe is at Holbrook Village Hall on the last Saturday of each month 10 am to 2 pm.

If the item isn’t suitable for a Repair cafe, then this Repair Shed could be what you need. At the time of writing (May 2022) we are in the very early stages of setting the shed up for repairs. At this stage we are looking for repairers and some equipment.

In this case, you won’t need to be directly involved – unless parts are needed. The idea is that there will be a number of drop-off and pickup points, where items can be left. We’d then get in touch to discuss the possibilities and go from there.

  • In any event you will be asked to confirm that you agree with the waiver.

  • The current plan is that we agree a donation, contingent on the item being repaired. In other words “If we could fix this thingummy, what would that be worth to you?”. The answer to that may or may not be related to the cost of a new replacement.

  • There will be some things we cannot look at from a safety viewpoint, including

    • gas appliances

    • refrigerators

    • microwaves

  • All electrical items will be PAT tested before handing back.

  • There may be some items we don’t have the specific expertise to fix.

We aim to be taking in items for repair soon.

Finally you may prefer to support local repair businesses.

It is very important that the Repair Shed does not clash with local repair businesses by trading unfairly. So if a local enterprise exists to do the work you want done, and are interested in doing it, it would not be right for the Repair Shed to take it on. We’ll be working to create a directory of local repair businesses.